15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rekha’s Mother

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Here’s a look at some very interesting facts about Rekha’s mother that you did not know about. Read ahead to know more:

Fans are remembering Rekha’s mother Pushpavalli today on her birth anniversary. She was a very well known actor who was born in 1926 and starred in more than 40 films in her lifetime. She was often associated with Gemini Ganesan and also had two daughters with him. She is very well known for her work in the film Miss Malini (1947) and was an icon in the South Indian Film Industry.

On this special occasion, here’s a look at Pushpavalli’s family and facts:

Pushpavalli Birth Anniversary – Trivia

1) Pushpavalli started her career in the film industry at the age of 9, stated Kiran Prabha. She played the role of Sita in Sampoorna Ramayanam (1936), mentioned Kiran Prabha, a news portal.

2) Pushpavalli’s first salary was of Rs 300 for a three-day shoot and she was considered to be a top actor at the time, reports from Kiran Prabha cited.

3) Kiran Prabha further stated that Pushpavalli did not complete her studies as she was always shooting and only completed primary education, Kiran Prabha cited.

4) Rekha’s mother got married to a lawyer named I V Rangachari in 1940. The marriage did not last very long and the couple lived separately, stated reports.

5) Screen India mentioned that for Rekha’s family back in the day, her acting was the only source of income, thus Pushpavalli never stopped acting.

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6) Pushpavalli met Gemini Ganesan in 1947 on the sets of Miss Malini. They were also seen in the film Chakradhari (1948) after that.

7) Both Ganesh and Pushpavalli were married at the time when they had met but entered a relationship anyways, cited Screen India.

8) In 1995, Pushpavalli’s partner Gemini Ganesan married famous actress Savitri. The marriage was valid as back in the day, a Hindu man could have more than one wife. Pushpavalli could not have married Gemini as divorce for women was not permissible at that point in time.

9) Her last movie was Bangaru Panjaram in 1969. The movie cast Pushpavalli in a very small role.

10) Many reports have mentioned and Rekha has also mentioned in some of her interviews that Pushpavalli was very happy that Rekha had become a famous actor and was very proud of her.

11) Pushpavalli had 5 children in total, two of her daughters were with Gemini.

12) Pushpavalli died in 1992 due to diabetes in Madras.

13) Shubha, another famous South Indian actor, is Pushpavalli’s niece. Shubha has been seen movies like Varavaay (2000), Avalude Janmam (1994) and Sarovaram (1993).

14) Famous choreographer, produce and dancer Vedantam Raghavaiah was Pushpavalli’s brother-in-law.

15) Pushpavalli did not receive any awards or national recognition for her work.

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