Aarti Khetarpal: Many people in Bollywood take up a joint just to accompany a director

As the probe into the Bollywood drug nexus widens, there are many who are lauding this move as a much-needed cleaning drive. For newbie Aarti Khetarpal, too, this is something that she wholeheartedly welcomes as she feels it is in the right interest of the film industry.

“There is a major clean up happening not just for Bollywood but also in life. It is high time it happened, because we all know what is happening and what’s been happening. And unfortunately many have had to succumb to the pressure because that is the whole vibe of the place,” shares Khetarpal, who has starred in web series such as Ragini MMS Returns season 2 and The Casino. 

The actor says people should not be opposing to what has been happening as she adds, “cleaning ho rahi hai toh kachra toh niklga na.”

She feels that amid the pandemic and because of the lockdown just like the environment cleaned itself up now it is time for the film industry.

“We are now coming to the broader picture which is that the film industry now that is cleaning up, all the cases are snowballing in to very important aspects of what is already there. From the time of Dum Maro Dum from Hare Krishna Hare Ram (1971) till today it was getting difficult for people. It became a fashion. I am a non-drinker, non-smoker, vegetarian. I am very particular about my value system but there are so many people who have to take up a joint just to accompany a director,” she shares.

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Khetarpal says that now being virtuous can finally be the new “cool”.

“Now there is no need to (do any of that), now you can stick to your values because this is who you are. It is cool to have no vices and good virtues. That is what I love about it, it is cool to be a good girl,” she concludes.

Reference: HT

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