Aashram actor Aaditi Pohankar: OTT platforms are the future of good content and the next big thing in cinema

for the last few months owing to the pandemic, OTT platforms have not just turned out to be a blessing for the audiences but also acted as a saviour for a lot of actors’ careers. Aaditi Pohankar considers herself one of them. The actor commends the platform for bringing to the front many talents such as her, who otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

“I think they (OTTs) are the future of good content and cinema. They also provide good opportunities for new emerging talent. There are a lot of parts which are written now that’ll provide range and variety, to actors, directors and writers. I think this is the next big thing in cinema,” says Pohankar, who has starred in Imtiaz Ali’s SHE and Praksah Jha’s Aashram.

Before her web projects, the actor’s lone Hindi project was Love Sex Aur Dhokha (2010), besides a few regional films. Did she ever think that opting for an OTT project as opposed to doing a film was a risk? 

“I don’t understand what risk and OTT projects have to do with each other. As an actor, I look out for scripts, and if I get a script where I can perform, where there is strong, driven and passionate character, with a maker like Imitiaz Ali, as an actor I only see it from one point of view. That is that I am very fortunate to get scripts like She and Aashram,” the 25-year-old explains.

The actor further shares that the whole idea of her journey as an actor is very distinct in terms of scripts and directors.

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“Both the directors are known to be veterans, and I am drawn to these directors. If they are making something, I am on board for their project. I don’t know what the risk in this would be, because they’ve been around longer than most, longer than me for sure, as I am a newcomer. I was more than happy, in fact, to be working with these veteran directors. The shows have also been very successful and that has opened a lot of doors for me as an actor,” she says.

Many TV actors have complained how they are typecast and thus they get limited work opportunities. Pohankar feels that is not the case when it comes to OTT space.

“I don’t know what a TV actors tag is and hence I don’t know what an OTT actor tag would be. An actor is an actor, if you can perform and if you are liked by the audience, you are an actor. I don’t know about any tags like these,” she concludes.

Reference: HT

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