Abhishek Bachchan gets this response from a Twitter user after choosing a pill from Anand Mahindra’s Matrix-inspired query

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra put forth an interesting question to his Twitter followers – ‘If you could only pick two pills, which pills would you choose?’ The accompanying image had nine options, with each pill standing for a wish, ranging from having a lot of money to looking 15 years younger. Actor Abhishek Bachchan had an interesting response.

The industrialist said that choosing two pills was ‘tricky’ and added, “If it was just one, the answer would be a no-brainer…My Sunday might just go in figuring out the second pill to choose…” However, Abhishek seemed to have no such dilemma while picking. He chose pills 2 and 9 – ‘master three skills’ and ‘eat without gaining weight’.



A Twitter user then wrote, “You don’t need 7 for sure, AB.” Seven was to ‘increase your height by 2 inches’. The actor replied with a laughing emoji. Abhishek and father, actor Amitabh Bachchan, are known for their height in the film industry.


In recent times, Abhishek has been graciously responding to a number of attacks from trolls, many of whom suggest that he is undeserving and in the film industry solely because of his father Amitabh.

“Aapko nahi lagta ke aapko filmon mein kaam sirf Amitabh Bachchan ke bete hone ki vajah se milta hai (Don’t you think you get work only because you’re Amitabh Bachchan’s son)?” one person asked Abhishek, to which he replied, “Kaash jo aap keh rahe hote sach hota. Sochiye, kitna kaam milta mujhe. (I wish what you’re saying was true. Imagine how much work I’d get).”

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Abhishek also hit back at a Twitter user, also named Abhishek, who insinuated that the actor got his first break just because he was a ‘nepokid’. “Arey yaar, yeh saare duniya ke Abhishek mere peeche kyu padh gaye hain. Baksh do maharaj, chup chaap apna kaam kar raha hu (Oh my, why have all the Abhisheks of the world started attacking me. Have mercy, I’m just trying to do my job),” the actor replied.

Earlier this year, Abhishek made his digital debut with the Amazon Prime Video series, Breathe: Into The Shadows. He will see another OTT release later this year – The Big Bull – which will come out on Disney+ Hotstar.

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