Abhishek Banerjee: The power of OTT is that it is a democratic watching process

The web show Pataal Lok and his character, Hathoda Tyagi became immensely popular, and emerged as a success during the lockdown, with OTT platforms being the only source of entertainment for people. Actor Abhishek Banerjee, who portrayed this deadly role, is not only happy, but says that he never realised the meaning of “going viral” before this happened.

“It’s because of my character that I realised what going viral means, earlier I had just heard about it. We’re suddenly seeing fandom for OTT now. The power of this platform is that it’s reachable to anybody, it’s a democratic watching process. Anyone can watch whatever they want. And it’s not that if you’ve started something, you’ve to finish it, they can choose not to, and that’s a huge power for the public,” says the 32-year-old.

Banerjee adds that this very thing also works in the favour of newcomers. 

He says, “The viewers are paying and choosing to finish a product, and give that much of their lives, energy, time, everything to that one show. That’s where relatability comes in, with them falling in love with so-called changed content. You will find very lesser people saying ‘this show was bad’, they mostly like it. Because the ones that are good are the only ones that are talked about.”

The Stree (2018) actor has been observing this since the year 2015, when he noticed the kind of power and reach web content enjoyed.

“I had gone to Benaras for a college event, and was among the first few people to be associated with web shows. I remember meeting some people, and I had some Bollywood actors with me. Some kids wanted to click a picture with me. Those actors were like ‘Abey tere bhi fans hain!’ I said ‘Ya, it’s a different set of things you are not aware of’. I had skipped the generation of Netflix and Amazon, hum log thoda late thhe,” says the actor.

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Reference: HT

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