Actor hits out at Richa Chadha over defamation case: ‘Making false claim of win amounts to contempt of court’

An actor, who is being sued for defamation by Richa Chadha, questioned her claims of having won the case and reminded her that the verdict is yet to be passed. Earlier this week, Richa had shared a copy of the Bombay High Court’s order on Twitter and written, ‘we won’.

In a tweet, the defendant actor said that the case is still sub-judice and suggested that Richa was guilty of contempt of court. “When the matter is sub-judice and verdict is not yet passed, how Ms. Chadhha claims to have won. I agreed to hon’ble HIgh Court suggestion to settle d matter amicably on 12th October. Making false claim of win amounts to ‘contempt of Court’,” she wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Richa had shared a copy of the court order, which quoted the defendant actor’s lawyer as saying that his client was ready to withdraw her statements and tender ‘an unconditional apology’. She tweeted: “WE WON! Satyamev Jayate! Grateful to the Hon. Bombay High Court for justice ! The order is now in public record, freely available for all on the High Court website. Thank you for your support, next hearing (for settlement) is on the 12th as is mentioned in the order.”

However, after the hearing, the actor took to Twitter and said ‘sorry not sorry’. She wrote, “I am not apologizing to anyone. I have not wronged nor have I given a wrong statement about anyone. I just said what @anuragkashyap72 told me. #SorryNotSorry.”

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The actor accused Anurag Kashyap of rape and mentioned Richa’s name in the allegations. According to the actor, Anurag had told her that actors such as Richa, Huma Qureshi and Mahie Gill perform sexual favours for him. Anurag has denied the allegations.

Richa filed a defamation suit against the actor, seeking monetary compensation and an apology. Richa’s lawyer had said in a statement, “No woman should misuse their liberties to harass other women with unsubstantiated or non-existent, false and baseless allegations. Our client has initiated appropriate legal action and shall further pursue her legal rights and remedies in law as may be advised in her best interest.”

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Reference: HT

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