Adah Sharma: Getting stereotyped is a common thing

Actor Adah Sharma might have started her career with a Hindi films, but she went on to do projects in the South film industry too. Now, she keeps switching between both.

Until recently, it was a common belief that actors switching between different industries might get some stereotypes attached to them. Did Sharma have to face it too? “It’s a worldwide thing, but the boundaries have been blurring. If someone internationally does an action film, they have to break out of that image to get into some other genre. After my debut 1920 (2008), I didn’t immediately do other horror films. I love the genre, and I didn’t want to get typecast. Stereotyping is an industry thing,” she says. 

The 28-year-old further points out that there isn’t much difference between different film industries today. She says, “The process of filmmaking is the same, and the technicians are also from here and there. But yes, the one thing I found different is that I have not done any South film which had a female assistant director. I don’t know why. Other than that, it’s just really the people. You get nice people to work with, a terrible director who is an a**hole (laughs), that can happen in Bollywood also.”

Sharma was recently filming for a South film, where she plays the solo lead, without any male actor opposite her. She says that the one common thing which applies to any big film is that even the female actor had a good role in it.

“Even if it’s a guy film, like Commando 2 (in which she starred opposite Vidyut Jammwal). The girl had an excellent role in it, my character had great dialogues, did comedy, romance, drama. That’s when it works well. Each character is well fleshed out, otherwise everything collapses. People are more open to taking more risks now, also with OTT platforms coming up, which definitely have girls as the protagonist ,” says the actor.

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Reference: HT

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