Akshay Oberoi: Good roles came to me via OTT platforms, not films

He was one of the few actors to have joined the OTT party very early on, and Akshay Oberoi is extremely pleased to see what the platform has become now.

“I am a hungry actor, I need to act. I wanted good parts to come my way, and in my case, they have come via OTTs and not films. On OTT, there are great director, great writers and all kinds of people coming together to create something magical. It was so small at that time when I started off, but I always thought that if this is not the future, then what is it?” Oberoi tells us.

Talking about how OTT domination happened in such a short span of time, the 35-year-old adds, “Everyone has a smart phone and people prefer individual watching than community watching because of paucity of time.”


The actor , who has been a part of a strong lineup of projects on the web such as It’s Not That Simple, Bar Code, The Test Case, Selection Day, Flesh, and has more lined up for release, says while he is all for theatrical experience, he feels that the digital platforms are here to stay.

“I’m a lover of cinema. Cinema will not die down in terms of theatrical releases. But I am glad that this has happened. I see it as a major and much-needed change in India. It is the only way to increase competition. When you increase competition, you end up getting better, superior products. I am very excited about the future of entertainment,” he shares.

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And to keep the momentum going, Oberoi has also been shooting bits of his OTT projects in this pandemic, however, he is quick to add that the experience was not that good.

“I shot for a few days for my new series High. It was very difficult to shoot. It is not easy to shoot during this pandemic because you are so concerned about external things and about what may happen. It is not as much fun,” he concludes.

Reference: HT

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