Allu Arjun’s Daughter Gives Niharika Konidela a Peck at Her Wedding, Watch

Allu Arjun and his daughter with horse

Allu Arjun’s daughter Arha giving Niharika Konidela a peck at one of her wedding functions makes her the cutest wedding guest. See the video here.

Allu Arjun is one of the biggest names in the Telugu film industry. His children Allu Arha and Allu Ayaan are just as popular as their celebrity parents. These star kids recently attended the wedding of Niharika Konidela. One of the fan pages of Allu Arjun’s daughter on Instagram saw a cute video of Arha giving the bride a peck on her cheek. See the video here.

Allu Arjun’s daughter Arha gives a peck to Niharika Konidela

Arha Arjun’s video of her kissing Niharika Konidela has managed to make all Allu Arjun fans love his daughter even more. The 4-year-old Arha Arjun was seen wearing a pink coloured dress. Niharika Konidela was also wearing a pink lehenga for this pre-wedding function. In the video, Niharika Konidela’s husband Chaitanya VJ can be seen as well who are accompanied by a friend.

In the video, the little Arha gives the bride a peck on her cheek, after which Niharika points towards Chaitanya VJ and asks Arha to give him a peck too. After she gives him a peck too she blushes and jumps with joy. Niharika Konidela’s wedding was attended by more Tollywood stars like Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi, Allu Aravind, Pawan Kalyan, Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej and many other family members. See the post here.

Arha Ajun recently featured in a song video called Anjali Anjali. The music video was released on her 4th birthday recently on November 24, 2020. The release of the song was indeed a surprise for the actor’s fans as well as his daughter’s fans. Allu Arjun also penned a beautiful birthday note for his daughter. He posted a photo of the two from their home while he presented her with the birthday gift.

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Allu Arjun can be seen wearing a black jacket along with black tights and Arha Arjun can be seen wearing a pink T-shirt. He presented her with a big red box which Arha leaned on in the picture. He wrote, “Many many happy returns of the day to my Arha. Thank you for the infinite cuteness n joy that you give me . Wishing you a wonderful birthday my little angel. #alluarha”, on Instagram. See the post here.


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