Amitabh Bachchan says 17 hours of KBC shoot is ‘substantial and rewarding’ for his body that suffers post Covid syndrome

Amitabh Bachchan continues to slog on sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) despite recovering from Covid-19 just a month ago. The 77-year-old has been shooting non-stop for the show and pulled off an almost 17 hour-shift on Thursday. He has now penned his thoughts about the contestants that he gets to meet, many who may have never held a valued cheque in their entire lives.

Opening the post midnight blog by talking about his current work culture, Amitabh wrote, “Back from work a little while ago .. and that would be an almost 17 hrs of work in a day .. substantial and rewarding for the body that suffers post CoViD syndrome .. sounds alarming , but the only alarms that went off during the day were the inconsistency of the multiple dress changes required for various episodes on the KBC encounter ..”

Talking about one such female contestant on KBC 12 who smiled her way throughout the financial struggles during lockdown, he wrote, “they make the show .. they bring the characteristics that mould the ‘hot seat’ into a veritable game changer , or to put it more succinctly , a life changer for all that come .. within an hour or so.”

Sharing the feelings of these contestants when they win the fastest finger first round to get to the hot seat, he further wrote, “They break down in emotions .. they fold their hands .. their divinity towards the seat is uncontrollably devout and reverent .. the wait is finally over .. the expectation of the worth that shall perhaps diminish or at times completely reduce their burden of their financial condition – loans from Banks , illnesses in the elders , a home for some permanency, the future for their progeny ..”

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“…many have never held the valued cheque in their entire life .. many serve embarrassment at the number of zeros that the amount states , as they begin inquisitively to count them … and the celebration on hitting the right answer at each step is a sight that is unbeholden …” he added.

He also talked about the contestants who join the show in the Karmveer special episodes. Calling them ‘souls in human shells’, he said, “each KARMVEER leaves me vacant of expression .. empty .. and for months in thought of the care and concern that some show and express , in this turbid and at times inconsiderate world.”

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Reference: HT

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