Amyra Dastur: As daughters, we need to help other daughters in India to rise

Actor Amyra Dastur, who recently decided to sponsor the full education of three girls, calls it the best decision of hr life.

“I did this through a charity known to help these girls reach a proper college education level. I just feel that as a female in India it is our duty to empower each other and this is how we do it,” Dastur shares.

She says she was informed that due to the pandemic situation, many sponsors had backed out and that is when she decided to step in for the girls in need. 

“It’s not just about giving money and clothes to people but we need to put the money to good use. If these girls go to school this is just one year that I have sponsored, next year the fees will be different and accordingly I will sponsor their education,” says the 27-year-old, adding, “At the end of the day as daughters of India, we need to help the other daughters of India to rise. Educating the girl child is one of the best ways do just that.”

Not just for their schooling, the Rajma Chawal (2018) actor reveals that she is in it for the long run.

“I will sponsor the education of the same three girls till they have passed out of their school. Hopefully I will even get a chance to sponsor their college education if they even choose to go there,” she asserts.

While charity work seems to be quite an in thing especially in these times, the actor firmly states that her act comes from a place of benevolence and not show off.

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“I am very happy and very proud. I am not doing this for any kind of attention. I just want people to know that this is how you donate and help people and actually help people by providing them with education, which is the most powerful tool to equip our girls with,” she concludes.

Reference: HT

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