Aneesha Madhok: Sushant would’ve felt sad seeing how Rhea and Kangana are being trolled in his name, he had huge respect for women

Echoing similar sentiments as many others, actor Aneesha Madhok also feels there’s a deviation from Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. The 23-year-old, who knew Rajput since 2017, says this delay making those who’ve been fighting for his justice anxious.

“Everything that’s being discussed now is important, but I feel the development around the case has slowed down. The one thing I don’t understand is the division in Bollywood. If there are some people seeking justice for Sushant, then automatically it’s assumed that they’re against Rhea Chakraborty (his girlfriend, and the prime accused in the case),” opines Madhok.

An actor of Indian origin, who has worked on stage in California and did a few short films, Madhok had earlier spoken about Rajput’s Hollywood aspirations.

Talking about everything that’s happening, she is against the extreme conversations against Kangana Ranaut, who has been vocal for Rajput’s justice, and Chakraborty.


“Sushant lost his mother at a young age and was close to his sisters. He had huge respect for women and that’s the reason my parents trusted him and requested him to mentor me. Sushant never disrespected women and therefore the #metoo allegation broke him,” she shares, adding, “So, now, when I see Rhea and Kangana being trolled in his name, I can say how much Sushant would’ve felt sad. We should wait for the investigation to get over, as we all need a closure soon.”

Madhok adds that many are making money and trying to gain fame out of this incident.

“It’s disturbing that many, claiming to know Sushant, are talking about their association and then there are others trying to have their moment of fame using his name. Even merchandise are being sold encashing this loss,” she retorts.

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Asked about the last time she met or spoke to Rajput, Madhok recalls it was around July-August 2019 when they spoke and she had sent him flowers on his birthday in January this year.

“Something was off. I spoke to a common friend who told me Sushant is too much into Rhea, so I thought we must give him space,” she shares, adding that she never felt the late actor was “mentally unstable” or saw him doing drugs.

“He was high on life. Around 2017, he told me about his Hollywood dreams and we’ve been working towards fulfilling that. I was trying to figure out opportunities for him there. He had so much to do,” she ends.

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