Anup Jalota says he wouldn’t marry Jasleen Matharu even if he was younger: ‘Her dressing wouldn’t be appreciated in my family’

Former Bigg Boss contestants Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota make headlines every time their names are mentioned together. Most recently, they attracted attention after a picture of them, dressed in wedding finery, was widely shared online.

During their Bigg Boss run, Jasleen and Anup played along after it was initially reported that the entered the show as a couple, but later revealed that they share a ‘guru-shishya’ relationship.


After it was revealed that the ‘wedding picture’ was for a shoot, Anup said in an interview to ETimes that he wouldn’t have married her even if he was 35. “Her modern and glamorous dressing wouldn’t have been appreciated in my family culture,” he said, quick to explain that he wasn’t judging her dressing style. “I am just saying it wouldn’t have gone down well with the people around me. Hum toh dhoti-kurta wale hain (dhoti-wearing man) who sings devotional songs. How would Jasleen’s avatar have been in sync with that?”

He said that after the picture went viral, several people have written in to him to offer congratulations. “I have been telling them ‘Aapko bhi mubarak ho’ (congratulations to you too). What else do I tell people who believe forwarded messages and misconstrue whatever they see online? Those who’re clearly asking if Jasleen and I have got married to each other, I am definitely telling them a clear ‘No’.”

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The picture was originally shared by Jasleen herself, but was later revealed to have been taken for an upcoming film, titled Woh Meri Student Hai, in which he plays Jasleen’s father. “It’s not as it looks like. This is a part of the scene from my upcoming film Woh Meri Student Hai. It’s a dream sequence where Jasleen is getting married and I am her father,” he had told India Today.

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