Bigg Boss 14: Brace for chaos and drama with this list of most controversial contestants so far

Last year’s season of Bigg Boss may have been the most dramatic in a really long time, it still lacked that irredeemable villain who made life hell for all those around him. Sure, Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill fielded their fair share of controversies and fights but there were no competition to the menace of Dolly Bindra or the complete insufferability of Swami.

So before Bigg Boss Season 14 kicks of with returning host Salman Khan, let us revisit some of the most controversial, villainous figure we have met over the years. Let’s hope we all find a common somebody to hate on this year at least:

Rakhi Sawant

The reigning queen of Bigg Boss viral moments, Rakhi Sawant made headlines for raising hell over a mug. She rained fire on Amit Sadh when he used her mug to make ginger paste. The screaming and the crying become a meme for the centuries, second only to perhaps ‘Pooja what is this behaviour?’

Rakhi’s biggest nemesis inside the house was Kashmira Shah and wars would often erupt between the two at the drop of the hat.

Dolly Bindra

Who doesn’t remember when Dolly Bindra fought with Shweta Tiwari? Even when she spoke without a temper, she made everyone nervous with her intimidating tone that felt like a fight could break out anytime.

Kamaal Rashid Khan

Before spawning controversies on Twitter like a factory, the self-acclaimed film critic got his introduction via Bigg Boss and it was nothing short of entertaining. KRK was thrown out of the house for hitting fashion designer Rohit Verma with a water bottle. He came back later, with no changes to his attitude.

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Swami Om

Swami Om remained surrounded with controversies not just on the show but after it as well. He made sexist comments towards women and got innumerable criminal cases filed against him. He blamed everyone for mistreating him but would go around sprinkling his urine on people. Swami Om was not the easiest person to be around as many would try to distance themselves from him.

Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan broke back on national television and we watched it unfold in front of our eyes, every day. He fell in ‘love’ not once but twice: Once with actor Payal Rohtagi and then with gangster Abu Salem’s ex, Monica Bedi. He even tried to jump the fence with just a week to go for the finale.

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Raja Choudhary

Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Raja Choudhary used obscene language inside the house, got warned from Bigg Boss and was allegedly caught on camera kissing Sambhavana Seth. As controversial a contestant as there ever was.

Pooja Misrra

VJ Pooja Misrra was among the most difficult contestants on the show. A nightmare for her housemates, she picked up fights right as she entered the house. Pooja also had fights with Dolly, Vidya, Shonali and other over food, cleanliness, banging doors and almost anything at all.

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