Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin cries over the pain of washing clothes, housemates can’t deal with Nikki Tamboli. Watch

It is just the initial days of Bigg Boss 14 but the drama, conflicts and fights have begun. In a new promo that has found its way online, Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli are creating waves.

The clip, from Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss, shows Jasmin Bhasin distraught at the prospect of washing clothes. The clip begins with Jasmine coming over to where Rubina Dilaik, her husband Abhinav Shukla and Sara Gurpal are seated. As she walks in, Abhinav asks her if she had washed the clothes. She replies that she will have to wash them again. The other three walk up to her, as she bursts out crying. In tears, she reveals, “Kapde dhona kitna mushkil hai, mujhe pata hi nahin tha (I had no idea that washing clothes is such a task)”. As she says this, the others burst out laughing.


In the second half of the clip, the entire house is divided over Nikki Tamboli and the luggage task rules. As the clip continues, Eijaz Khan can be seen asking all if all agree that Nikki should be take two items.

Before matters can settle – the discussion shifts to Hina Khan’s department. She controls the luggage section and, as per a rule, no more than seven items are allowed to all contestants combined per day. And that’s where we will see a fresh fight erupt. Nikki can be seen refusing to adhere by the rules and everyone else has a problem with that.

As Nikki protests and says ‘mere bhi toh requirements hain (I too have my requirements)’, Pavitra Punia can be seen saying ‘ek din toh adjust karo yaar (try and adjust for a day)’. Rubina loses it and erupts, “Kaise tum uspe sab energy waste kar rahe ho jab pata hai how bigot she is’ (why are you wasting your energy when you know how bigot she is)”

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An angry Shehzad Deol says how the task isn’t getting over – “aap ki wajah se, samjho iss baat ko”. We also see Gauahar Khan say decisively that ‘khana tabhi milega jab aap seven items par decide ho jao (you will get food when you decide on the seven items).

With seniors — Sidharth Shukla, Hina and Guauhar — inside the house, Bigg Boss 14 has seen a slight change in format. The seniors will stay inside for two weeks.

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