Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik won’t let relationship with husband Abhinav Shukla come between the game, says ‘We are not a typical PDA couple’

Bigg Boss 14 opened its gates to the final contestants during the premiere on Saturday, but things didn’t turn out as expected for TV couple Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla, who were expected to enter the house together. While Abhinav was allowed to enter, Rubina was listed among the rejected contestants. Ahead of the premiere, she had shared her game strategy in an interview.

Rubina said that she and Abhinav will neither let their marriage stop them from competing against each other, nor will they will indulge in PDA on the show.

Talking about what the viewers can expect from the two of them, Rubina told Indian Express in an interview, “It will be tough for us. See, we don’t know everything about each other. We are still in the learning process, and as two different human beings, we are allowed to make mistakes. While we don’t judge each other or pull each other down, cameras will be on us. However, it was a conscious decision to be on national television together, and we will not put up any act. We are not a typical PDA couple who would go ‘babu shona’ all the time. We have our own thought process, and we will deal with everything with integrity and dignity. Also, apart from controversies and fights, I think we can be the first ones to set an example of something beautiful on Bigg Boss.”


The show contestants are known for pulling each other down by digging past controversies to target their opponents but Rubina said that this strategy may not work against Abhinav and her. “People might bring out things from our past and try to turn us against each other, but we already know all of it, so there won’t be a problem after all. And that will be one of our major strengths on the show,” she told Mumbai Mirror.

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Rubina has already made it clear that they won’t let their relationship hamper the game and will be loyal to their teams. She said, “We are very strong together, but that does not mean we are weak without each other. We complement each other, and not complete each other. There will be tasks when we will be pitched against each other and at that time, we will only be competitors. Both of a will play for our respective teams and will give our best to win it for the team, even if it means that the other person has to face defeat. At the end of the day, it’s a game.”

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