Bigg Boss 14 Written Update Day 92: Rubina Dilaik and Arshi Khan Had Ugly Fights

Day 92 Bigboss 14

Bigg Boss 14 written update day 92: Aly Goni got angry when Jasmin Bhasin began crying after she could not sleep due to antics of Rakhi Sawant and Sonali Phogat.

Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 was all about fights. While Arshi Khan locked horns with Rubina Dilaik, Rakhi Sawant, Sonali Phogat, among few others, Sonali also fought with Nikki Tamboli, Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya.

Day 92 Written Update

The episode began with the housemates fighting with one another – Sonali and Rakhi on one side while Nikki was on the other.

Nikki had not completed her household chores for the day – cleaning the bedroom – and both Rakhi and Sonali wanted her to do it.

As the war of words became ugly, everyone joined in Sonali ended up fighting with her friends Rahul and Aly.

Sonali called Rahul and Aly puppets of each other while Aly questioned Sonali’s authority in bringing everyone to task. “Why are you trying to be the captain of the house?” he said.

Eijaz Khan tried to stop the fight but could not. Soon, Sonali walked out of the room and started crying after questioning Rahul over his stature.

Vikas Gupta, Arshi followed Sonali and tried to calm her down.

Soon, Aly and Rahul also went up to Sonali and explained to her that she must not take things too personally.

Later, Aly asked the singer to apologize to Sonali but he did not as he was upset with her for questioning his stature and even calling them puppets. Later, Sonali apologized to Rahul.

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Meanwhile, Vikas was seen telling Arshi that people still believe they are playing together and simply fake their fights.

Arshi played around, saying they were a team while Vikas kept clarifying that Arshi was lying.

When Rubina and Arshi fought, the former called her a joke and she was called “zillat (an insult) in return. Rubina said the public should gift the Bigg Boss trophy to Arshi because she is a joke.

“She deserves this trophy,” Rubina said. Rubina also claimed, “When she came here, she (Arshi) fell on my feet and said that she respects me a lot but the creative team has asked her to fight with me.”

After the lights were switched off –a signal for the housemates to sleep, Rakhi and Sonali continued their jibes at Nikki.

An unwell Jasmin started crying as she got up and told them that she was unwell and had gone to sleep after taking a medicine.

She then walked out and went to the garden area where she lied down on the bench as Aly tried to calm her down.

“Yaar Aly mujhse nahi ho raha (I am not being able to do this),” she said and Aly promptly responded that they can both step out together if that was the case.

Aly then asked Bigg Boss to call him and Jasmin in the confession room. “Inko lg raha hai inse (challengers) show chal raha hai. Pump kiye ja rahe hain inlogo ko.

Chale jaenge hum, humne jo dena tha de diya. Mujhe kuch zaruri baat karni hai, abhi koi hai to bula lo please. Warna mai badtameezi pe aya to bahut kuch kar sakta hoon (They think challengers are running the show now? That’s why challengers are getting a boost. We can leave, we have given enough content to them. I need to talk about something urgent, please call me if there is someone),” Aly said.

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Jasmin kept asking him to stop saying such things.

Later, when Rubina was discussing her fight with Nikki in the bedroom, Abhinav came and asked Rubina to stop.

“Frankly, Ruby! Stop. You look like cry baby right now. Is she (Arshi) important enough that you should be affected?,” he said. A clearly upset Rubina responded sternly, “Of course! I am. I am unhappy, so I will look upset, I will cry. I will look like a crybaby.”


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