‘Bliss’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Greg At The End Of This Movie?

'Bliss' Ending Explained

Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek’s ‘Bliss’ deals with virtual reality. A lot of people are eager to know its ending explained.

Amazon Studios’ Bliss is a sci-fi drama that revolves around the possibility of virtual-reality simulation. Owen Wilson plays the role of Greg who is an unfulfilled man whereas Salma Hayek plays the role of Isabel who tries to make Greg believe that they both are living in a simulated reality. Greg doesn’t believe Isabel but eventually finds some clues which make him think that Isabel may have been telling the truth.

The plot of Bliss

Bliss revolves around Greg who recently got divorced and spends most of his time daydreaming and drawing pictures of a beautiful coastal place. Soon, he gets fired from his job. However, while arguing with his boss Bjorn, Greg accidentally kills him when he pushes him away and Bjorn’s head hits the table. Greg panics and leaves the place and sits down in a bar across the street. At the bar, he meets Isabel who seems to know Greg’s truth. Isabel takes Greg to a place where he can stay off-grid and away from the eyes of the police. Later on, Greg finds some crystals through which he can manipulate everyone according to his will. Isabel tries to make Greg understand that this is just a virtual reality while the real world is different but Greg doesn’t seem to give up on the world he thinks is real.

‘Bliss’ Ending Explained

Greg doesn’t listen to Isabel at first about the world being virtual simulation but later on, he finds some clues that make him believe her. Now in order to get out of the computer-generated world, they both have to take a dose of blue crystals. The blue crystals are only enough for one person to escape the world. After a lot of argument, it is decided that Isabel will take the last dose and Greg will meet her someday in the real world. Greg runs off to rehab and describes the journey of his addiction from which we can say that the simulation world was just a fantasy spun in the mind of Greg and everything was caused due to the feeling of being high. The blue and yellow crystals were types of drugs. In the final scene, Greg meets his daughter Emily and embraces her which tells us that Greg is certainly recovering from his addiction to drugs.

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