Chetan Bhagat slams those questioning Sushant Singh Rajput’s AIIMS report: ‘Show some proof’

Author Chetan Bhagat, commenting on Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer Vikas Singh’s refusal to accept the findings of an AIIMS panel, has said that the lawyer should provide proof if he has any doubts. Chetan also spoke about the ‘tamasha’ that TV news has become.

Recently, an AIIMS panel concluded after a re-evaluation of Sushant’s post-mortem report that the actor had died by suicide, and wasn’t murdered. Vikas Singh, the lawyer representing Sushant’s father, has since demanded a new panel to be set up, calling the AIIMS report ‘faulty’.

Chetan in an interview to Barkha Dutt’s Mojo Story said, “I’ve never been to AIIMS, but you’re claiming AIIMS is corrupt? One of the hardest places to get a job in, get admission in… It’s like you saying my IIT Delhi is corrupt. I will get very angry. Show me some proof.”

Chetan added in Hindi, in a sarcastic tone of voice, “You’re only saying this because you did not like what they said. So it must be untrue, no? We are the only honest ones here.”

Following the AIIMS report, Vikas Singh wrote a letter to the CBI, calling for the matter to be referred to another forensic team. In the letter, Singh wrote that despite the best efforts of Rajput’s family to get a copy of the forensic report, there has been no response from Dr Sudhir Gupta. Dr Gupta is the head of the six-member AIIMS panel which, in its report to the CBI, ruled out the murder angle in the actor’s death. In a report submitted to the agency on September 29, the panel had said there were ‘no injuries on Rajput’s body other than of hanging’ nor was ‘presence of any sedative material’ detected.

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Calling this report ‘leaked,’ Singh further wrote if correct, the report amounts to ‘drawing a biased and boastful conclusion from insufficient evidence’.

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Reference: HT

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