Dia Mirza: Just to say something for the sake of it has become a culture these days

On social media, it takes no time for opinions to flip into arguments and perhaps that’s why it’s referred to as the newage battle floor to have heated debates on, particularly pertaining to the movie trade. Reasoning her sparse tryst with social media, actor Dia Mirza says she prefers to keep aloof from all the chaos.

“I’ve completely blocked out the bad side of social media. If you see my timeline, I mostly use it to share positive news and useful information, and I think you need to build an algorithm around that because that’s the power it holds. You follow people who’re not toxic, you’re listening, seeing, reading news that’s uplifting and motivating,” she shares.

However, that doesn’t imply she’s not tuned in to what’s taking place round her particularly the notion that Bollywood is a unhealthy place with many vices.

“That’s not to say that you’ve to turn a blind eye or mute out the terrible things that are happening. It’s important to stay aware, too. I honestly feel that if I’ve nothing constructive to contribute to a narrative, I’d rather remain silent about it,” Mirza explains.

The actor additionally feels that there’s simply an excessive amount of noise and too many opinions floating on social media these days. “Just to say something for the sake of doing it has almost become like a culture. People seem to have an opinion on everything, and most often, it’s an aggressive opinion,” she opines.

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Calling out the toxicity on social media, Mirza says, “There is so much anger on social media and the last thing I want to do is to contribute to or engage with that anger. So more often than not, I just read mentions and I can sense within the first three words of a tweet where it’s going. I just ignore most of it and block, block, block.”

Reference: HT

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