Dino Morea on favouritism in Bollywood: The makers of a film know who they want to work with, who am I to stop them from doing that?

In his career spanning over two decades, Dino Morea has always taken rejections in his stride. And therefore, when you ask him about the raging debate around nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood, the model-turned-actor, says whatever profession one chooses, it takes “heart, toil and patience” to make a mark.

“Whenever rejected, I thought maybe the director saw someone better suited for that role than me. I didn’t think of it as so and so is someone’s son or relative who got preference,” says Morea, adding that he came into this industry as a nobody.

“And I got my opportunity, so that says a lot. People will get an opportunity but then you’ve to hang in there and fight. You’ll fall, but you’ll have to rise again. Someday you give a hit movie and things are good, but when your next movie fails, your stocks fall,” he muses.


The 44-year-old, however, doesn’t deny that rejection hurts but he prefer to look at the brighter side.

“There are times when I get a role that someone else didn’t. And there are instances when someone came from nowhere and is new to the industry, beat me to a role. The director and producer know who they want to work with. Who am I to stop them from doing that? Even as a producer, I want to work with certain actors. Now, if they don’t want to be a part of the film, what am I supposed to do? Everyone has their right to choose. This is a business that needs to run to survive,” he explains his point.

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In context of nepotism, Morea feels that it’s natural for parents to help their children. He admits that tomorrow if his kids would want to join the industry, he, too, will guide them.

“That’s how it works. But everything boils down to how the film fares. Whether you are an insider or outsider you’ve to slog. Success is never served on a platter,” he states.

Even at a time when Bollywood is going through a tough phase and is being looked upon as a bad world, Morea calls it a “fabulous place” and he totally loves it.

“I am who I am because of this industry. Even though I haven’t done too much work in last 10 years, I’m still trying, still fighting. I haven’t given up. I want to do good movies. After Hostages, I’m hoping that filmmakers see I still got the acting chops and still got what it takes to be fantastic in a film,” says the actor, who was also seen in web series Mentalhood, and is garnering praises for his performance in his latest web outing.

Asked what kept him away from picking many projects in all these years, and Morea says he was waiting for “good parts” to come his way.

“I can’t do anything that I can’t relate to. Now the time is right. Look at the kind of roles, direction and screenplay happening especially on the OTT platforms. People are thinking out-of-the-box. The industry has beautifully opened up,” he concludes.

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