Divya Dutta: There is a tendency to celebrate some kind of mediocrity in Bollywood

She has been around in the entertainment industry long enough to realise the shift that has happened after the OTT boom, and Divya Dutta acknowledges how the platform has been anything but a boon, irrespective of what anyone else says.

“I think it’s a very democratic platform. It puts everyone on the same place where you can just be there whoever you are however you are. The content is put to the audience and they can choose whatever they want, inconsequential of screen timing given in theatres and all that stuff,” says Dutta, who is coming fresh off the success of her two OTT projects — Ram Singh Charlie and Hostages 2, besides others lined up for launch.

So does she fear that the star system penetration can happen on OTT?

“As long as the audience is fine, it should be fine. Now, you see so many actors who haven’t gotten their due, doing central roles in web series and they are being accepted loved and admired, the line is diminishing. Yes we do have that thing that they would want to celebrate some kind of mediocrity in Bollywood and leave the other stuff around. But with OTT that is just not possible. It is thrown directly at the audience,” adds the 43-year-old. 

Pointing out the whole modus operandi of the cinemas, the actor says small films get lost amid the big releases and that is a problem which OTTs don’t have.

“Theatre pe chhoti films ko ek addh show milta hai and badi films ko bahut saara. I think it is nice that it (OTT) equalizes everyone and takes away that sort of typical star system out of the way,” she explains.

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Dutta also gives a lot of credit to the audience as she feels they have always been fair. “It is people at marketing and commercials who kind of thrive on this kind of numbers stuff. The audience has also kind of changed a lot. Before they said main tabhi picture dekhunga agar usme mera favourite hero hoga, now they are watching content,” the actor explains.

Having said that, the actor feels theatrical releases are not under any kind of threat at all. In fact, she believes that whenever theatres reopen, people will throng to cinemas and she is also one of them.

“Let’s not get away from the fact that there is magic of theatre and magic of stars and magic of the huge screen, huge grandeur and people like to watch it. I am waiting for Sooryavanshi and Aamir’s film.. woh charm rahega bade parde ka,” she concludes.

Reference: HT

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