Don’t make it a conversation over chai-biscuit: Sumeet Vyas on SSR death investigation

An unlucky and melodramatic illustration of an ongoing CBI investigation.With their narrative it appears like we don’t want no judiciary or investigating businesses in India. Between information channel’s and WhatsApp teams most instances will be resolved.#pathetic,” actor Sumeet Vyas posted this on Twitter a few days in the past, when the dramatized model of Rhea Chakraborty’s interrogation was being aired on a information channel.  

Appalled on the media trial and the way issues unfolded because the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Vyas says, “The matter is subjudice and the biggest agencies in the country are investigating it. We shouldn’t try to solve the case on What’s app or Twitter. It requires expertise and not opinions. I knew Sushant when he came to Mumbai. He is gone now and someone else’s life is at stake too. And neither situation is pleasant. Let’s not make it a conversation over chai-biscuit. Let’s not gossip about the accused or the victim.”  

The Permanent Roommates actor, who has made a title for himself in movies and on OTT, can also be unhappy that Bollywood’s picture is being maligned by accusation and he feels that the movie business has at all times been a comfortable goal. “It is easier to blame Bollywood for someone smoking, drinking or having any of the vices. In every film or show, we show that good wins over evil and truth triumphs, so if films are blamed for all the wrong deeds, why doesn’t Bollywood get credit for all the good deeds in society? Credit toh dete nahin hai, par aisi taisi karna aa jaate hain,” he says.

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Reference: HT

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