Elli AvrRam: The year 2019 was dark for me, 2020 is bringing the light

Despite the Covid 19 crisis, actor Elli AvrRam finds 2020 to be a better year for her compared to 2019, both on the personal and professional fronts. The actor was seen in Malang earlier this year that became a success, and she recently stepped out to shoot for a web show in Dubai.

“I was also going to start a new shoot two day before the Covid lockdown. I was excited that I had signed new projects and happy that it’ll be a busy year, and suddenly, God decided to make us reflect on life. It’s been a really tough time for all of us, but I’d say personally there have been a lot of realisations,” she tells us.

The 30-year-old says 2019 was “emotionally really stressed out” for her, because of a personal development. 

“My brother got diagnosed with brain tumour, that came like a big shock for the entire family. He is just 33, a super fit athletic person, the last person you’d think something like this would happen to. I was busy shooting for Malang at that time, and the character was also emotionally draining. I had to step into that, and when I stepped out of character, I was back to reality, which was also draining me out. By God’s grace, he’s doing much better now. Of course, it takes time to recover, but we’re going towards the light,” reveals Avrram.

She goes on to share how people questioned her posting so many videos of her dancing on social media.

She clarifies, “A lot of people reacted to seeing me dance on Instagram, and I told them I’ve learnt how precious life is. In 2019, a big slap came on my face, when we didn’t know how the surgery would go, how my brother’s life would turn out. I was questioning God so much, what people are doing now, I did all of that last year.”

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Now in a good space again, Elli is back to what she loves the most — working. She was naturally a bit reluctant when she decided to step out after so many months.

“Even reaching the airport felt a bit weird. I was also thinking how does one behave now when they step out, but luckily, it’s safe here in Dubai. Everybody is following the rules, that feels good,” she ends.

Reference: HT

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