Gulshan Devaiah pens funny poem on ‘Bolly mafia’: ‘The drugs are free, so’s plastic surgery’

Amid all the discussion about the existence of a ‘mafia’ in Bollywood, Gulshan Devaiah has a funny take on it. He penned a humorous poem on it and quipped about all the supposed perks, but ‘only for members, exclusively’.

“One for all, & all for one. The pay is good, & so’s the fun. The drugs are free, So’s plastic surgery. But only for members, Exclusively. If you’re thinking, Oh! I want in, Eat some s**t, You jealous cretin. #jest,” he wrote.


Kangana Ranaut has been talking about the ‘movie mafia’ and how she has been targeted by it. She recently alleged that Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray colluded with them and got her office in Mumbai demolished. She also said that a few years ago, the mafia tried to destroy her financially as well as her standing in society. She claimed that it got so bad that she wanted to shave her head and disappear at one point.

Earlier this month, Kangana warned the ‘movie mafia’ and said that their attempts to harm her will only backfire. “Movie Mafia today you might break my face n my house using your powerful friends, it will give you momentary happiness but if you are clever you will know my end is my beginning, you will end me here I will rise somewhere else … trust me it will hurt you even more,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Kangana has also talked about a ‘drug racket’ in Bollywood and claimed that 99% of the people in the industry have been exposed to drugs. Several members of the film fraternity have condemned these remarks. Jaya Bachchan, in her speech in the Parliament, raised objection to the negative portrayal of the film industry and urged the government to discourage it.

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Sometime back, the Producers Guild of India addressed the attempt to ‘defame and slander the film industry and its members’. “A picture has been painted of the industry as a terrible place for outsiders to aspire to; a place that treats those who dare to enter it with contempt and derision; a murky den of substance abuse and criminality. This narrative is salacious enough for the media to exploit to great effect in order to boost its ratings, readership and page views. But it is not the truth,” the guild said in an open letter.

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