Happu Ki Ultan Paltan actor Sanjay Choudhary threatened, looted by goons on Mumbai road, says ‘never stop the car’

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan actor Sanjay Choudhary has shared a video on Instagram in which he talks about an incident at Mira Road. He said that he was threatened and looted by goon in a day time robbery.

The actor was travelling from Mira Road to the sets of the show in Naigaon at around 2:30 pm when a group of goons cornered him in broad daylight. He captioned the video, “Guys Plz be aware. This is actually happened with me criminals doesn’t care who you are.”


Sharing the entire incident, he said in the video, “It was around 2:30 pm in the afternoon. I had just crossed the fountain near Mira Road and was on the road towards Naigaon. I was driving slow when a man on a scooter approached my car and started banging on the window and hurling abuses in Marathi and asked me to stop the car on the roadside. As soon as I pulled over, he asked me to roll down my car window and as soon as I did that, he put his hand inside, opened the door and got inside. He snatched my mobile and told me that i had banged into his two-wheeler, causing damages worth Rs 20,000. He also claimed that his hand was also injured. Soon, two-three other men joined him on a scooty. They asked me to withdraw Rs 20,000 from the ATM and give them to pay for the damages. I said I don’t have that much money. He said he will take away my phone then and started abusing me in Marathi and threatening me that he will dial 100 and take me to the police.”

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He continued, “I took out my purse and started giving him money. They saw 200 and 500 rupees in the drawer and took that as well. I said take all of it but they said they want an entire Rs 20,000. After taking the Rs 700 cash from the car, he stepped out and asked me to leave. I didn’t drive out immediately and continued to keep sitting in the car. They thought I was calling the police and came back. They told me to leave immediately.”

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Sharing his lesson from the incident, he further said, “I realised these people were committing a big crime. It was a mistake to pull over the car in the first place and then I shouldn’t have rolled down the window. People do not have jobs and are not committing crimes. Take a lot of care and try not to drive alone. And if you have to, do not stop the car.”

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Reference: HT

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