Irrfan Khan’s son Babil pours his heart out in moving note: ‘I’d give every cell in my presence to remember your skin’

Babil Khan, the son of late actor Irrfan Khan, penned an emotional note in his memory. Babil said that he would give everything just to feel Irrfan’s presence: ‘My spinal cord will rotate and my soul can implode, in a search to feel you close’. He also added a prayer for the farmers, who are currently protesting against the controversial farm bills recently passed by the Parliament.

“I’m working Baba. You pushed through demons, up in your feelings, no one gets it, no? I’d give every cell in my presence to remember your skin, My spinal cord will rotate and my soul can implode, in a search to feel you close, I wish I would have known how it feels to end, so I can begin,” he wrote.

“Why are you surprised? It’s the job of the Politician to choose to lie, and when I’m bleeding, I know, sleep is just death being shy. I pray for you, our farmers, in our self-illusiveness we thought we were better, I hope we can surrender. I hope we find a way. I miss you India. (No political comments please, this is not a political expression),” he added.


Babil has been sharing memories with Irrfan and recently shared a throwback photo of the two of them and wrote, “I slept for 14 hours and I didn’t want to wake up cause I was dreaming about you. Waking up is the worst, I hate realising everyday that you’re gone. You didn’t say anything, we just laughed. (He’s playing the OG ‘bounce’).”

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Earlier this month, Babil faced a backlash for throwing his weight behind filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who has been accused of sexual assault by an actor. Addressing trolls who said that Irrfan would be ashamed of him, he wrote, “I have felt a sense of liberation from your hate because I realised, you really don’t have anything to do but hate and form a quick judgemental opinion about an actual human being . So really man, for haters that claim they know my father, or know my father better than me like ‘oh your father would be so ashamed of you’, shut you mouth, me and baba were the bestest friends don’t try to teach me what my father would have done just cause you can without knowing his true beliefs.”

“If you’re an Irrfan Khan fan, come prove it me, show me his fascinations with Tarkovsky and Bergmann and then we shall probably start a conversation of how much you think you know my father. He was beyond you my friend,” he added.

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Reference: HT

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