It’s the first step in a long journey: Renuka Shahane on Rhea’s arrest

“Justice has its own way of working. All the cases against Rhea Chakraborty -investigated by ED, CBI and the NCB- will lead to finding out what happened to Sushant Singh Rajput. There are a lot of things that will be covered and this is the first step. It is a long journey,” says Renuka Shahane, who feels throughout the investigation a “lot of things” will come out and never “just about Rhea”.

The actor-director is glad that the businesses are working with out being pressurised by the media channels. She says, “Their frenzy is despicable. I remember, Jessica Lal and Nitish Katara’s case, though the latter didn’t come to fruition, but the pressure from media and people worked against powerful people. Investigative journalism has power to bring out corruption charges in high political circles but there is a thin line between investigation and overlooking anyone’s privacy. Even the Supreme Court has granted human rights to accused- even after proven guilty in jail.”  

Shahane rues that the case has become a actuality present, which is “unfortunate”. “We all want justice and find out why a person, who was so loved, passed away. It is difficult to accept. I understand pain and frenzy of the fans, but there has to be modicum of grace while investigating. I don’t know if outing private chats are legal. I am surprised that none of the agencies have taken taking cognisance of the fact that all privacy has been overlooked. No human rights are upheld. There is an insinuation about so many people. What level of trolling people had to go through? Everything has been handled in a disgraceful manner,” she says.  

She says she needs justice and discover out the reality about Rajput’s demise and provides, “Let’s just wait for the agencies to find out the truth. Additionally, if the truth comes out which is not what the current narrative is- then it would be the saddest thing as maybe it could something that Sushant didn’t want made public.”

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Reference: HT

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