Jennifer Lopez Responds To Rumours About Her Elopement Plans With Fiance Alex

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez recently reacted to rumors about her elopement plans with fiance Alex Rodriguez. Have a look at the details revealed by her here. Read.

Jennifer Lopez is the news again and this time it has a lot to with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. Believing the latest rumours that have been doing the rounds on social media, JLo fans have come to the conclusion that she is either already married to Alex or they have been planning to elope soon.

The rumours arose as the pop star’s private life has often collided with her art, in the past, resulting in songs and films that hint towards her life developments.

However, Jennifer Lopez is of the strong stance that all of it is just a coincidence and has nothing to do with planning.

Jennifer Lopez Reacts to Rumours of Elopement

International pop star Jennifer Lopez recently reacted to the rumours about her elopement with fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

Since she has currently been working on two films, Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding, fans have already assumed that there has been a major development in her life, with respect to marriage.

In a recent interaction with ETonline, Jennifer Lopez spoke about the films and how it is being connected with her real life. She said that It is sort of funny because she believes life does reflect into one’s work sometimes.

However, it is just kind of a coincidence, according to JLo. She also recollected the time she did the song ‘El Anillo‘ which had the popular line, ‘When are you going to give me a ring?.’

However, back then she was not asking for a ring at all. It was just a song that they wrote because they liked it. In the case of Marry Me, it was something they had been developing for the last seven years.

She connected it with the current scenario where she is engaged to Alex and they are planning to get married at some point.

Jennifer Lopez further clarified that it was not a planned thing and it just happened that way. She feels it is a funny concept but life and art do intersect sometimes, without even trying. The two love birds have been quite vocal about their love for each other and have been going strong ever since they met in 2005.

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