Kangana Ranaut reacts as AIIMS report says Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide: ‘He was mentally affected by falsely being accused of rape’

Kangana Ranaut has revived her allegations in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case as a report by AIIMS medical board rule out murder on Saturday, saying it was death by suicide. Kangana, who had claimed that Sushant was ostracised and harassed by Bollywood ‘mafia’, again made those allegations. “Young and extraordinary individuals don’t just wake up one fine day and kill themselves. Sushant said he was being bullied and outcast, he feared for his life, he said movie mafia banned him and harassed him, he was mentally affected by being falsely accused of rape #AIIMS,” she tweeted.



In another tweet, Kangana again brought back her old charges. “With latest progress we need answers to few questions. 1) SSR repeatedly spoke about big production houses banning him. Who are these people who conspired against him? 2) Why media spread false news about him being a rapist?3) Why was Mahesh Bhatt doing his psychoanalysis?”

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On Saturday, AIIMS’ medical board termed Sushant’s death “a case of hanging and death by suicide”. In its conclusive medico-legal opinion to the CBI, the six-member team of forensic doctors has dismissed the claims of “poisoning and strangling” that were levelled by many, including the lawyer of Sushant’s father, Vikas Singh.

“It is a case of hanging and death by suicide. We have submitted our conclusive report to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),” Dr Sudhir Gupta, who is also the chairman of the forensic medical board, said. He also said there was no injury on the actor’s body other than that of hanging.

Sushant, 34, was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai on June 14. Mumbai Police, which was investigating the case initially, had called it death by suicide. The CBI had taken over the probe after Sushant’s father filed an FIR in Patna against Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and her family. After a face-off between the two police departments over jurisdiction, the Supreme Court had asked CBI to take over the investigation.

Earlier this week, the central probe agency had said that it has not reached any conclusion in Rajput’s death case and that all aspects were under investigation. Kangana has been demanding justice in Sushant’s case, claiming he was ostracised by Bollywood privilege club like her. She had also reignited the nepotism debate in the industry.

Reference: HT

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