Kangana Ranaut slams scrapping of Aarey metro car shed over ‘first world problems of a few fancy activists’

After Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray announced the scrapping of the Aarey metro car shed, Kangana Ranaut said that ‘stopping urbanisation’ to suit the agendas of the rich and powerful was not the solution. The project has now been shifted to Kanjurmarg, amid widespread protests by citizen groups and environmentalists over the felling of trees in Aarey Milk Colony.

“First world problems of a few fancy activists are not #Mumbaikars problems, last year I planted more than one Lakh saplings, not cutting trees is good but stopping urbanisation only to suit powerful and wealthy’s agendas is not the solution but part of the problem #Aarey #Metro,” the actor tweeted.


On Sunday, Uddhav declared 800 acres of Aarey Milk Colony as a reserve forest and said that the metro car shed project will be shifted. “Mumbai has a natural forest cover. We know that jungles are converted to cities, but here, city is converted to a jungle. We need to preserve what we have and carry out development in the remaining area,” he said, assuring that the government will not have to incur additional costs due to the relocation.

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Last month, Kangana criticised Uddhav and accused him of being hand-in-glove with the Bollywood mafia. She claimed that she was targeted by them when the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation partially demolished her office in Mumbai for alleged structural violations.

“My office was suddenly declared illegal in last 24 hours, they have destroyed everything inside including furniture and lights and now I am getting threats they will come to my house and break it as well,I am glad my judgement of movie mafia’s favourite world’s best CM was right,” she had written on Twitter.

“Come Udhav Thakeray and Karan Johar Gang you broke my work place come now break my house then break my face and body, I want world to see clearly what you anyway do underhand, whether I live or die I will expose you regardless,” she had said in a follow-up tweet.

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Reference: HT

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