Kanye West Slams Issa Rae’s ‘SNL’ Skit And Says He’s ‘praying For Her And Her Family’

Kanye West recently reacted to Issa Rae’s Saturday Night Live skit and accused SNL of ‘using black people to hold other black people back’ on Twitter.

Kanye West has shared his opinion about Saturday Night Live after he was mentioned in Issa Rae’s SNL skit. The American rapper has accused the NBC show of ‘using black people to hold other black people back’. West took to his Twitter handle yesterday to slam SNL’s October 17 episode which was guest hosted by the Insecure actor and creator.

Kanye West says his ‘heart goes out’ for Issa Rae after her SNL skit

October 17’s Saturday Night Live episode was hosted by Issa Rae alongside marking the appearance of the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Justin performed two of his latest releases titled Holy and Lonely at SNL, whereas Issa Rae presented a skit, which was called ‘Your Voice Chicago’. In her skit, the American actor played the role of lawyer that represents NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) at the made-up morning talk show wherein she discussed the upcoming election.

During her skit, when Issa Rae’s character was asked about political candidates, she stated that she will be ‘voting for everybody Black’. Towards the conclusion of the skit, Kenan Thompson, who played the anchor of the made-up show, stated that as the show resumes after its commercial break, they would talk about the candidates running for the President of America, i.e. Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Kanye West. However, as soon as Kenan mentioned West’s name, Rae’s character rolled her eyes and quipped, “Kanye? F him”.

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Now, Kanye West has reacted to Issa Rae’s SNL skit and stated that his ‘heart goes out for her’ in his recent tweet. West tweeted writing, “I’ve always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back”. He continued, “My heart goes out to Issa Rae I’m praying for her and her family”. The 43-year-old also added, “I know that the twenty years of service that I’ve paid in the entertainment field has furthered our ability to be more successful (sic)” along with a screenshot of a Google search for Issa Rae.

Check out his tweet below

Although Rae has not yet responded to Kanye West’s tweet, she took to the micro-blogging platform to express that she had a blast appearing on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. The 35-year-old shared a streak of pictures from her appearance on SNL and wrote, “Had a blast! Thank you@nbcsnl and thank y’all for watching! (sic)”. Take a look:

(Image credit: Issa Rae Twitter and @Kanyew.est Instagram)

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