Kapil Sharma Welcomed the Cast of Durgamati on the Kapil Sharma Show This Week

Arshad Warsi cracked up at Kapil Sharma’s joke

Kapil Sharma welcomed the cast of Durgamati on The Kapil Sharma Show this week. From Arshad Warsi to Bhumi Pednekar, Kapil had something witty to say about each of them.

Comedian Kapil Sharma is the king of leaving his guests stumped on his show, The Kapil Sharma Show. His latest target was actor Arshad Warsi. The actor arrived on the show with the cast of his film, Durgamati. He was joined by Bhumi Pednekar, Karan Kapadia and Mahie Gill. While Kapil took turns to poke fun at all of them, Arshad felt the worst burn.

In a promo of the upcoming episode, Kapil is seen asking Arshad a hilarious question. “Arshad bhai, the entire year went by in lockdown. There was no sequel to Golmaal this year, neither for Dhamaal. How did you pay you EMIs then?,” Kapil asked Arshad as everyone broke into big laughs, Arshad included.

Kapil teased Mahie for her good looks, and playing a CBI officer in the movie. As for Karan, when the young actor asked Kapil what he thought about his work in the movie, Kapil asked, “Which role did you play?

Durgamati released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday. The film has received largely negative reviews. The Hindustan Times review read, “Durgamati, a remake of Bhaagamathie, is the sort of film in which the ‘scary’ sequences are hilarious, and the attempts at humour are positively terrifying…There are long stretches in which Bhumi, as Durgamati, launches into elaborate lectures about the character’s backstory — it’s like watching a terrible one-woman play, chained to your chair by Jigsaw. And on other occasions, as if to satiate your unquenchable thirst for Coolie No 1, Ashok peppers the movie with David Dhawan-style ‘comedy’.”

Bhumi plays a government official in the movie, a former close aide to Arshad Warsi’s righteous politician. She is locked up in a haunted haveli where an angry woman’s spirit takes over her body.

Article Source – Hindustan times

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