KBC 12: Runa Saha is first contestant ever to reach hot seat without playing fastest fingers first, all thanks to Amitabh Bachchan

Kolkata’s Runa Saha has emerged as the first contestant in Kaun Banega Crorepati’s history to reach the hot seat without playing fastest fingers first. Runa, who started playing the game on Thursday’s episode, has been trying for KBC ever since the show started, but in vain. Her numerous attempts made her a butt of jokes and the 43-year-old didn’t even disclose that she had made it to the prelim stages of the show to her family till her interview happened.

On Thursday, she was the last contestant left after host Amitabh Bachchan started the game with three participants. She started crying when she didn’t make to the hot seat. Seeing her getting emotional, Big B called her to the hot seat. She broke down once she was seated and had to be consoled by the host as well as her daughter and husband.


Amitabh told her that the time to cry was past and offered her a tissue. She told the actor that she had decided that if she failed to make it to the hot seat, she would never watch TV again or pray to God.

A homemaker-turned-entrepreneur, she said she started a business to sell saris after her husband told her to earn money if she wants to donate it. Married at an early age, she was driven by the ambition to make something of herself.

On the episode, Amitabh also revealed that he has been contributing with household chores during lockdown. In an interaction with expert advisor Richa Anirudh, he said he participated in household chores during the lockdown and continues to do so. “Bilkul. Sab kaam kiya maine. Jhaadu pochha. Khaana humko pakana nahi aata. Aaj tak kar rahe wo. Seriously bol raha hun main (Absolutely. I did everything. Jhaadu pochha. I can’t cook. I still am doing. I am saying this seriously).”

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Reference: HT

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