Maanvi Gagroo on Emmy nomination for Four More Shots Please!: Hope we win, it’ll shut up those who trolled us with ‘fake feminism’ nonsense

Maanvi Gagroo calls it a wonderful experience that she got to be part of a series like Four More Shots Please! And now its nomination in the Best Comedy Series category in the International Emmy 2020, is an icing on the cake. The actor tells us that no one knew about the happy news till director Vikramaditya Motwane sent a message to one of the cast members.

“We couldn’t believe this has happened, and were dying to post on social media. But we wanted to confirm this first and once we got a go ahead, we went berserk,” she laughs.

A week later, Gagroo says that the news has finally sunk in and now more than anything, she is looking forward to the win.

“We’re just waiting for the results. If we win it, I’ll be very happy especially because there were many — mostly men — who didn’t like the show and the reason was, ‘Arrey yeh kya hai, yeh toh fake feminism hai’ and all that nonsense. This win will shut those people who can’t appreciate something. I just want to win it for the trolls,” she says, adding that the writers of show — Devika Bhagat and Ishita Moitra — have also won at the Screenwriters Association Awards in the Best Web Series, Original Comedy category.

While the actor wishes this pandemic situation wasn’t there, so they could be a part of the Emmys in person, and not virtually, she admits that being nominated for such coveted awards is in itself a big deal. She believes that after such recognition, one is taken seriously. 

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“International recognition does matter a lot here (in India). And only when we get some, people start taking you (more) seriously. So, such things do help. But I think in our case, it might not be that drastic. We (her co-stars from the series Sayani Gupta, Bani J and Kirti Kulhari) all have been doing a lot of work here, and the show has already been loved. So, that jump may not be visible in our case,” says Gagroo, also known for web shows Tripling and Pitchers.

Not one to compare the pros and cons of different mediums, the actor, however, is quick to point that OTT has always been a credible platform.

“The whole web scene happened in India only four or five years back, and it didn’t take much time to pick up. It’s on par with Bollywood. OTT is a beautiful medium. So much work is happening there right now that there’s much scope for all. Whether it’s experienced actors, who want to do substantial characters, or aspiring talent that’s coming on OTT, it is a fair enough bargain for everyone,” she concludes.

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Reference: HT

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