Mahhi Vij urges fans to convince Jay Bhanushali to have another baby: ‘It is lockdown and I am getting very bored’

Actor Mahhi Vij wants to expand her family but her husband, actor Jay Bhanushali, does not seem to be on board with her decision. She took to Instagram stories to post a video in which she urges fans to convince him to have another baby. The couple already have a one-year-old daughter, Tara.

“Guys, go to Jay’s account and in the comments section, please tell him that I want another child. He is just refusing. It is lockdown and I am getting very bored. I need another child. This one is all grown up (turns the camera towards Tara and calls out to her) and she doesn’t listen to me,” she said.

Jay and Mahhi welcomed their first biological child, Tara, in August last year. They are also fostering their caretaker’s children, Khushi and Rajveer, since 2017 and taking care of their education and upbringing.

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In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Mahhi said that she was a hands-on mother to Tara. “I’m a little fussy when it comes to her. I want things to be in a particular way in her room. I clean and sterilise her bottles on my own, check the temperature of her room and the milk that she drinks. I don’t even have five minutes to sit down and relax because I constantly need to make sure that she’s comfortable,” she said.

Mahhi added that motherhood has also brought out her emotional side. “I take Tara for regular visits to the paediatrician to protect her from Covid-19. But I can’t be in the same room when she gets her shots because I start crying. I’m trying to be strong as a mother. I’ve become so emotional that even if I hear a sad song on the television, I start crying,” she said.

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Reference: HT

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