Maniesh Paul: I worked from home amid this pandemic rather than cribbing that nothing is working out

For many this pandemic induced lockdown was a long break from work, something that many didn’t quite like. For Maniesh Paul it has been quite the opposite, he has been very busy in the past six months, he shot three short films and also recorded music videos from home, that is way busier than most actors.

“I have been shooting, God has been kind,” he says, adding, “It is all about adapting to the new normal. Rather than sitting at home and cribbing ki kucch nahi ho raha, I decided that I will make the most of it. That is why I have been trying to do whatever I can. That is what shows in the work that I have done in the past few months,” shares Paul.

The actor has also resumed shooting his reality show on which he serves as a host and he says shooting has been really challenging. 

“I have got back to the sets. I am shooting now and the kind of set up we have is not very comfortable, it is not easy. The production wise it is all sorted but I don’t have any audience, there are limited people on set. I feel bad that the crew members have to wear mask and shield looking at them I do feel bad. It is difficult what they are doing,” he explains.

Paul reveals while there is no option but to shoot in a restricted environment, he misses having a live audience as he feeds off their energy during his hosting gigs.

“The fear of contracting the disease is constantly on your mind and it does affect you. Plus the environment on set has also changed. Earlier, I give a hug to just anybody. Now we have to maintain distance. Following all these guidelines all the time, especially on a set is not easy,” he says, adding that he misses human interaction on the sets.

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“Everyone just does their shot and moves aside. They leave when they are done, there is just no interaction with one another whatsoever,” he exclaims.

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Reference: HT

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