Neil Bhoopalam on whether he is okay if his son joins Bollywood: Yes, I’m banking on nepotism for him

Neil Bhoopalam has a different take on the debates around nepotism, favouritism and existence of camps in Bollywood that doesn’t favour outsiders. The actor says it’s a given that any sort of enterprise will favour their own people and so the film industry is no different.

“If someone owns a company, he’d obviously prioritise his children and relatives. Even if there are these so-called camps that only work with their core team, what can you do about it? It’s their freedom of choice. If you believe all these are roadblocks for you, then for sure they are. If you don’t feel that way, they’re not. Bollywood is one of the finest industries. There’s enough work and space for all. How you book your spot matters,” says the actor.

There’s so much the industry gives in terms of creative satisfaction, popularity and finances that as an outsider Bhoopalam has no complains.


The 37-year-old explains, “Things become easier and better if you’ve a film background. But twenty years down the line, your work will only speak for you. No one gives you work or even those brand ads thinking who you’re but what you bring to the table. Therefore I feel a certain amount of gratitude is necessary.”

Bhoopalam adds that he’ll be absolutely fine if his son, Fateh (3) decides to join Bollywood when he grows up.

“I’m only banking on nepotism for him,” he quips, adding, “My wife (casting director Nandini Shrikent) and I, are working hard to create a stand here. So, if Fateh or any of my nieces want to join Bollywood, we’d be able to help. And if my son decides that he wants to do something else, us making it here will still help him. It’s known that people with better genes, upbringing and facilities have more chances of doing well. It’s wrong to believe that everybody is equal.”

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