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The actor doesn’t like to plan or celebrate birthdays. She says being in Goa and chilling works for her.

Updated: Oct 09, 2020 16:53 IST

Sayani is enjoying being away from the city.

Sayani Gupta is in Goa to bring in her birthday. The actor turned a year older today and enjoyed “being away from the city”. “I have some lovely friends here so it is nice and I am happy to be in a place that is quite calming,” she says, adding she didn’t do anything special for her birthday.

“I am not a person who enjoys celebrating birthdays. It is a weird day as you feel pressure to do something while actually it is a normal day. I hate cutting birthday cakes and it is not something I love (laughs). Moreover, I hate planning. Just chilling in the Jacuzzi, the pool and going for drives works for me. Having a chill and peaceful day with some good food is the best,” she shares.


While she is not in Mumbai, on her birthday, she made arrangements to distribute sanitary pads for girls at an orphanage. Sayani says, “We’re still a far from making affordable pads for women and it’s distressing to think that some of us use cheap alternatives because of lack of affordability. In fact, it’s my goal to reach safe organic sanitary pads to girls all over Mumbai and then eventually all-over India. It’s a relief to have people who want to make the world a slightly more liveable place and want to help the underprivileged.”

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Reference: HT

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