OTT somewhat offers level playing field, writes Kunal Kemmu

Cricket and films are like two religions in this country. Both find abundant love and aspiration for. In many ways what the Indian Premiere League (IPL) did for cricket is what the OTT platforms are doing for films.

It has given a wider platform, not just to actors but also to technicians writers and directors. It has provided a market that lets all its content have an opportunity to present itself on a level playing field, at least in terms of being able to be discovered and not having to fight for certain show timings or longevity for showcasing. This medium has given an opportunity to both, the talent and the consumer to find each other. Thanks to a different business module that is based on subscription as opposed to a box-office recovery, it allows more opportunities for all, and most importantly, good content and talent, as opposed to sheer stardom and fan following which is not always defined by good talent.

OTT has been a shot in the arm for several extremely talented film and show makers to be able to present a lot of interesting content that would earlier wouldn’t have been possible. The digital space has given us stars world over, not just in actors, but also in writers, creators and technicians. In its very short stint in India, we already have had some amazing shows and original films that have been loved by all. The only hope is that it remains to be a content and talent driven platform and doesn’t get corrupt. 

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I’m hopeful that the times ahead, Will provide more exciting opportunities and that I will be able to explore different kinds of subjects and characters. For me, OTT has truly been a really enriching experience. I always wanted to play different roles and I am glad that filmmakers gave me a chance and I have been able to live up to their expectations. I feel validated by the audiences who accepted me and my work. Everyday, I strive to become better at my art and surprise the viewers with more exciting content. In the era of OTT, the viewers today have the comfort of watching their favourite show or films at their homes as per their convenience and mood. Nothing can replace the experience of watching a film in the cinema for the audiences and the people who are a part of the film but hopefully it will allow the makers and audiences to notice and feel confident backing new and existing talent based on the recognition and love they get in the OTT space as well. Just like the IPL did for international cricket.

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Reference: HT

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