Pooja Bhatt wants the word ‘rape’ not to be used frivolously: ‘It deflects from the horror of all that rape signifies’

Actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has tweeted her opinion on the frivolous use of the word ‘rape’ and how it harms the discourse around sexual assault. Pooja believes that so as to not take away from the horrors of the act, the term should not be used in contexts that are not about sexual assault.

“The term ‘rape/raped’ used loosely as a description & in context to acts that are not related to sexual assault must stop. It deflects from the horror of all that rape signifies-physically,emotionally and mentally,” she wrote. Pooja has regularly been tweeting about the Hathras gang-rape and murder, calling for justice for Dalit lives and women’s security.


Other film stars such as Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Swara Bhasker and Kriti Sanon have also tweeted about rape culture and all its evils. In a recent note on her Instagram Stories, Anushka wrote about the ‘privilege’ of being parents to a boy. Anushka wrote, “Of course, it’s no more privilege than having a girl child but the fact is that this so-called privilege has been viewed incorrectly and with an extremely myopic view. The only ‘privilege’ is that one has the opportunity to raise a boy in a way that he respects a girl. That’s your DUTY as a parent to society. So, don’t think of it as a PRIVILEGE.”

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She added, “The gender of the child doesn’t make you privileged but it is actually the responsibility you owe to society to raise a boy so well that women feel safe and protected.”

Kriti and Swara slammed Surendra Singh, BJP MLA from the Bairia constituency in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia, who said that rapes can be prevented if parents inculcate good values in their daughters. “Teach daughters how to not get raped??? Can he hear himself talk? THIS is the MINDSET that needs to change! Its so messed up! Why can’t they give some sanskaar to their sons???,” Kriti wrote on Twitter.

Swara shared an old video of Singh’s comments on the Unnao rape and called him a ‘rape defender’. “Yeh ghatiya aadmi purana paapi hai (This disgusting man is an old sinner). #rapedefender BJP MLA Surendra Singh,” she wrote.

The gang-rapes and death of two Dalit women in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras and Balrampur districts within a week have shaken the entire country. It brought flak for the government of UP which has now recommended a CBI probe into the Hathras case.

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Reference: HT

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