Pratik Sehajpal says Pavitra Punia was ‘too possessive’, fought with him when he was offered a role requiring intimate scenes

Reality TV star Pratik Sehajpal spilled the beans about his break-up with television actor and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia. He said that she objected to him doing intimate scenes and also talked about how intense their fights would get.

Pavitra talked about the break-up on Bigg Boss 14 and said that she ended her relationship with Pratik as she felt he was too young and needed to put his career before her. She also called him ‘very aggressive’ and reminisced about an incident in which his hand started bleeding after he punched a wall.

In an interview with The Times of India, Pratik said that he and Pavitra got into a huge fight after he was offered a role which demanded an intimate scene with his co-star. “These bold scenes have become so common in today’s times and I am here to make my career. But trust me, I had refused the role and even told Pavitra about me turning it down,” he said, adding that she still fought with him. He maintained that he did not think she was wrong, and ‘it happens in love if you are too possessive’.

Pratik also talked about the fight referred to by Pavitra on Bigg Boss 14, in which he punched a wall. He said that she was quite aggressive too and broke things in her house. And another fight later, he decided to go to Delhi and Chandigarh to spend some time with his family and clear his head.

According to Pratik, Pavitra ‘kept calling’ him but he asked for some time. However, after a while, she was the one who started avoiding his calls. He came back to Mumbai and they met at her place one evening. She then suggested a break-up.

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“I questioned her why but she was insistent and I had to let it go. And let me tell you that at that time, she didn’t tell me that she wanted to break-up with me because my career was suffering because of her (as she told Jasmin Bhasin),” he said.

Pratik said that Pavitra was quite possessive of him even when they went out. “For once, she didn’t like it when I started talking to some senior person from a show. She wanted me to be around her for most of the time. But how can you avoid talking to people at parties?,” he said.

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Last week on Bigg Boss 14, Pavitra said that she broke up with Pratik as she did not want to come in the way of his career. Recalling what she told him, she said, “Mere se chhote bhi ho aap. Ab isko mera baddapan samajh lo ya fir understanding samajh lo, mera aapke saath rehna aapke career ke liye galat tha kyunki main possessive hoke, main kisi cheez ko na pasand karke, aapka kaam nahi suffer karwaungi (You’re younger than I am. Consider this my advice or even understanding, but for me to be with you would be wrong for your career, because I don’t want to make you suffer because of my possessiveness).” She added that he did not take her decision very well and punched a wall.

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Pratik, in his Instagram stories, admitted that he was aggressive but maintained that he never got violent with anyone. “If I’m punching the wall (which is a non living object) that’s my way of taking my frustration out because I’ve been resorting to this method since my childhood,” he said, adding, “And being aggressive is not wrong at all. Tumhe apna aggression nikaalna aana chahiye (You should know how to take your frustration out). I’m just very emotional and I express every emotion very very very strongly. (Without hurting anyone)!”

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Reference: HT

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