Raima Sen: Had things been easier for star kids, I would have been the top actress

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, everyone has their share of struggle, says actor Raima Sen. The daughter of yesteryear actor, Moon Moon Sen, and granddaughter of veteran, late Suchitra Sen, she adds that if star kids had it easy in the film industry, then each one of them would have been successful.

“Had things been that easier, then I would’ve been the top actress, too,” says Raima, admitting that she got her first break in Bollywood with Godmother (1999) because she was Moon Moon Sen’s daughter.

“But, that was it. I didn’t get like 100 film offers immediately after that. I had to struggle, and I’m still trying hard. In between, I went to Kolkata and worked in Bengali films. Bollywood does appreciate regional films and actors, they do recognise me for Chokher Bali (2002) and The Japanese Wife (2010), but that isn’t the criteria to get Bollywood films. You constantly need to prove yourself,” she explains.


According to Raima, it’s the survival of the fittest and ultimately, everything boils down to talent and one’s merit.

“If you’ve got talent, you’ll find a way. There are many star kids who couldn’t make it. You’re no one if your film doesn’t work. Star kids who’ve survived are much better performers than many others, they deserve credit,” she says.

Weighing in on the insider vs outsiders debate, Raima insists it’s not always about lead roles or the screen time. She points how many outsiders might not be playing lead roles yet they’re “fabulous” character actors and audience loves them.

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“So, you get recognised in smaller roles, too. You can cry nepotism and all, but only if you have it in you, you get it. There’s no two ways about it. Yes, it’s difficult to make it in Bollywood but it isn’t easy in any profession. You can’t think I’ll become number one without having to do anything. If you want to be a part of Bollywood, you’ve to deal with pros and cons,” she adds.

There have also been talks around the groupism and favouritism in Bollywood and many have claimed that only insiders and those connected with these groups get noticed.

Raima somewhat agrees and is quick to add, “Yes, there are these gangs in Bollywood but I’ve never been a part of any, neither do I go to such parties. Films don’t come to you because you attend such parties, your capability gets you work.”

Currently shooting for two web series back-to-back, the actor adds she’s happy exploring the web space until good films come her way. “You’ve to find your way. I can’t do just any film because I want to be in movies. Also, many of my earlier films in Hindi and in South didn’t release. Now, I want to take up projects that are worth my time, would see the light of the day and won’t be a waste of my time,” she concludes.

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