Ranvir Shorey wants marijuana to be made legal in India: ‘It is based on very archaic laws’

Ranvir Shorey has witnessed multiple releases in times of coronavirus pandemic but says that it’s just a coincidence that his various projects shot over a period of two years got to release on OTT platforms around the same time. After the short web series Metro Park – Quarantine Edition and the Kunal Kemmu-starrer Lootcase, the latest release of the actor is the MX Player original series High which revolves around the theme of drug mafia.

High comes at a time when drug abuse in Bollywood seems to be the hottest topic of debate with multiple arrests being made in the case. On being asked if use of drugs was really a part of the party culture in Bollywood, the actor told Hindustan Times in an interview, “I think drug consumption in Bollywood is the same proportion as it is generally in society. I have seen drugs at non-Bollywood parties as well.”

 Watch: Ranvir Shorey wants marijuana to be legalised in India

The Sonchiriya actor also strongly believes that besides CBD oil, marijuana should also be made legal in India. He says, “I am of the belief even marijuana should be legal in India. It is based on very archaic laws; it is legal in a lot of countries. I believe this is another colonial hangover that we have — laws which are hundreds of years old and have not been changed. Marijuana laws are so old, they ought to be changed now.”

Ranvir had recently reacted to veteran actor and Rajya Sabha member Jaya Bachchan, who had said that one must not insult the platter in which they eat, referring to those giving a bad name to Bollywood amid the nepotism debate. The 48-year-old had said that he wasn’t given anything on a platter which was reserved for star kids and people like him only got a few pieces from it. On being asked if he had ever been replaced by a star kid, Ranvir said, “These things don’t happen in front of you. This happens behind the scenes. But I have had instances where scripts were given to me for certain parts and I said yes to them. And finally those films were made with some other people, including star kids.”

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Ranvir however, agrees that streaming platforms are contributing in a big way in providing good opportunities to the talented and newcomers. “This is a great time for artists and technicians. The OTT platforms are adding the most to this, not the traditional theatrical system,” he asserted.

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Asked to share his views on the insider-outsider debate, the actor pointed out that the focus should actually be elsewhere. “The debate should be about how people who are in power, try to elbow other people out and try to stay there themselves, instead of letting things function democratically as it should,” he said.

“People do sabotage other people’s careers in Bollywood, at least they try to, though they may not always succeed,” he added.

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Reference: HT

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