Rashami Desai Talks About Going Through Depression, Says ‘People Made Fun Of Me’

Rashami Desai

Rashami Desai recently spoke about many topics in an interview and also opened up about her mental health and how she beat depression. Read on to know more.

Rashami Desai rose to prominence with her show Uttaran and continues to impress the audience with her acting skills in different television serials. In a recent interview with an entertainment website, Desai opened up about several topics, both personal and professional, and here is what she had to say about her tough phase where spoke about suffering from depression.

Rashami Desai’s Latest Interview

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Dil Se Dil Tak actor Rashami Desai spoke at length about several matters like the judgment she received after her divorce from Nandish Sandhu, being body-shamed, the class divide between film and television actors among other things. The interviewer quizzed the Uttaran star if she had ever been replaced from a show or given an absurd reason to leave, Rashami stated that she had been replaced once and it really hurt her, which is when she realized she was in depression. The actor further spoke about how depression doesn’t mean just popping pills but that she wasn’t being herself and was mimicking somebody else.

Elaborating on her tough phase, she revealed that she wasn’t able to make her own decisions and go with her choices, which is when she realized that she had to come back and realize what went wrong for her. Rashami said that people used to make fun of her by saying that she has become numb and that there were barely any people by her side when she was going through this. Elaborating, the Naagin star stated that she had to make a lot of changes in herself to come out of that phase and those changes were very hard to accept. On being asked if she is happy with what she has become now, the actor replied that she indeed is very happy and content. Explaining her answer, she spoke about how her life had always been in the headlines, which did bother her at some point in time but now she takes it in a more positive stride and is happy that people read about her and learn from her mistakes.

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