Ravi Kishan on getting threat calls after speaking against Bollywood’s drug problem: ‘I didn’t think about my life’

Actor and BJP politician Ravi Kishan has spoken about getting threatening calls after he spoke about Bollywood and its alleged drug nexus. He said that he would continue to raise his voice for the sake of the youth of this country and for the future of the film industry.

“I’ll speak at the right time. I’ve raised my voice for youths & future of film industry. I didn’t think about my life. Desh ke bhavishya ke liye 2-5 goli bhi kha lenge, to koi chinta nahi hai (Will even take a bullet or two for the country. I don’t worry about it),” ANI reported him as saying.


Couple of days back, speaking in the Parliament, Ravi had raised the drug addiction issue in the Lok Sabha. In response, actor and Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan had launched a scathing attack on Ravi. She had said that she completely disagreed with those who called the entertainment industry a “gutter”, referring to a comment made by Kangana Ranaut.

“People who have made a name in this industry have called it a gutter. I completely disagree and I really disassociate,” she said. She had added how she was “really embarrassed and ashamed” in a reference to Kishan’s statement in the Lok Sabha on the alleged Bollywood drug cartel. “Jis thali mein khate hai usme chhed karte hai. Galat baat hai ,” she said referring to a popular Hindi proverb that means to bite the hands that feed you.

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In response, Ravi had hit back at Jaya and said that he was the son of a priest and had worked his way up. “There is a conspiracy to finish our film industry by hollowing it out. As a responsible member of film industry, it is not just my right but my duty to raise it in Parliament and Jaya-ji should respect that. I am just a son of a priest who crawled his way up and has worked in 600 films,” Kishan said while speaking to ANI.

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Reference: HT

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