Richa Chadha on actor’s apology, why she didn’t press for Rs 1.1 cr compensation: ‘Not about money, only about my respect’

Actor Richa Chadha won the court case against the actor who had used derogatory words against her in an interview the latter had given some time back. Now, speaking about it, Richa has explained what the court’s verdict means and why she isn’t pressing for monetary compensation.

Richa had been asked what if the actor, despite giving her word of the court, went back on her commitment. Even after the actor’s lawyer had told the court on October 7 she would apologise and take back her statement, the actor had taken to Twitter to say that she would not apologise. Richa explained that the actor’s apology should not be seen in isolation and that it was actually a series of consent terms as an undertaking, which can’t be messed around with. She also said how the entire episode of taking legal action was about her reputation and not about seeking monetary compensation.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Richa said: “The court has constantly recorded what is right and I’d not hold Twitter over the court. It is not just an apology; it is the consent terms as an undertaking, which is sacrosanct. My fans may want more, but this was not about money, only about my respect.”

She added how the suit would continue against the other defendants even after they – film critic Kamaal R Khan and a TV channel – agreed to delete content and refrain from making statements about her respectively. Kamaal’s lawyer, had given a statement that his client had would not repeat his tweets and that he would not make similar remarks about her. The TV channel too had agreed to delete ‘all videos and posts with defamatory content’ against her.

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“Out of respect for the court and the proceedings on October 7, I decided not to press for monetary compensation. It was not about money anyway. You can’t put a price on my reputation. I had sued for Rs 1.1 crore which is very close to the bare minimum in a defamatory case in the Bombay High Court. I didn’t start it, but I have finished it.”

The actor, in an interview to a TV channel in September, had accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct. In that context, she had taken the names of three actors – Richa, Mahie Gill and Huma Qureshi. Richa had decided to the legal course against her.

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Reference: HT

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