Richa Chadha says she has barely met Anurag Kashyap since Gangs of Wasseypur: ‘Can count on my fingers number of times I’ve met him’

Actor Richa Chadha has said that she has barely met Anurag Kashyap in the last decade, after he gave her a break in the cult hit, Gangs of Wasseypur. Richa’s name was associated with the filmmaker’s in a sexual misconduct allegation levelled against him recently by an actor.

Richa has sued the actor for defamation, and has sought monetary compensation and an apology. In an interview, Richa said that she is fighting the case for herself and nobody else, and Anurag is more than capable of fighting for himself. The filmmaker has denied the accusations.

Asked about why she has taken such a ‘cautious’ approach in talking about Anurag, unlike several others who’ve worked with him in the past, Richa told journalist Barkha Dutt in an interview, “I have done one film with him, in 2010-11, which was Gangs of Wasseypur, which went on to become a cult film. When he produced films I was in, like Masaan, etc, I had very, very limited interaction with him. I don’t really hang out with him, I haven’t. In the past decade I’ve met him… I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve met him, mostly at screenings.”

She continued, suggesting that she has been advised not to comment on the filmmaker, “I’m not an advocate for Mr Kashyap. He has a very sound legal team, he can defend himself. A lot of people have offered their support to him, and yes to an extent it is legal advice. They were out to make me a party, as a criminal conspirator in this case against him. So I am following legal advice and not going out of my way and defending him. He can defend himself.”

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After the allegations surfaced against Anurag, several of his old collaborators and friends, including his two ex-wives — Kalki Koechlin and Aarti Bajaj — offered support to him. A former assistant of his, in a Twitter thread, narrated a story of how the filmmaker once became upset and walked out of a room when he felt an aspiring actor was offering him sexual favours.

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