Salma Hayek Shares Photos Of Herself In A Bikini, Calls It ‘Liberating’

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has shared several pictures donning the bikini as she was on a vacation. She has revealed the reason why the pictures were liberating.

Hollywood actor Salma Hayek has shared several throwback pictures from her vacation that she had after staying in quarantine for more than of 2020 like everyone else.

Most of her pictures are taken while clad in a bikini. In an exclusive interview with Etonline, Salma has revealed why she considers her bikini photos liberating.

Salma Hayek’s bikini photos

In the interview, Salma Hayek has revealed that she had to exercise a lot and lose some weight as well before she donned the bikini again.

She has said that she took a lot of pictures of herself as well in the bikini and she does not feel ashamed about it.

She also joked that when she learned that people are quarantining themselves again, she started eating again, too.

The news of quarantining again has not stopped her from uploading the throwback pictures.

She further revealed that she is not the same shape as she was in the bikini pictures but she is spreading the love by uploading the pictures every two weeks.

She is already running out of photos but will post another one. Salma also quips that she is also going to let people take a break from her photos as people might be sick of them.

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She also shared that people might be wondering if she wears a bikini every day but she clarified that they all from the same location.

Salma Hayek’s Instagram gives a sneak-peek into her life. Recently, she uploaded a picture of getting ready for the promotion of her upcoming movie Bliss.

Salma appeared to be gearing up for an online promotion as a laptop was seen open on her desk. In the picture, she is getting being glammed up by her team.

She is wearing a white shirt and black blazer. In the caption of the picture, she wrote that she is getting ready in the comfort of her own home.

Salma is also a part of the star-studded cast of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movie Eternals. In the interview to Etonline, she has revealed the delay in the film is definitely with the wait as it is being shot in real locations which she adds is usual for Marvel. She is also very excited about the role in the film.

Image courtesy- @salmahayek Instagram

Source: Republic World

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