Salon Priyanka Chopra Visited During COVID-19 Lockdown in London Has Been Fined: Report

Priyanka Chopra

The salon that actor Priyanka Chopra visited earlier this week, during the Covid-19 lockdown in London, has been fined by the police, a report says.

Upon further review, the London salon that hosted actor Priyanka Chopra amid the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK has been fined.

It was previously reported that the salon owner was let off with a warning, after the police were called to investigate a potential breach of lockdown protocols.

Salon has been Fined

A new report says that the Metropolitan Police has levied a fine on the salon owner ‘following a review of the circumstances and relevant legislation’.

India Today quoted the police as saying,

“Officers were informed that the salon was being used in support of a film production and was not open to the public – paperwork was provided demonstrating this. As part of the Four E’s process, officers engaged and explained the rules and offered strong words of advice to all those present including that the work needed to take place on set rather than in the salon. The salon was closed immediately. No fines were issued at the time however, following a review of the circumstances and relevant legislation, officers have subsequently issued a fine to the salon owner.”

According to the BBC, the police are now using a process called ‘The Four Es’ — engage, explain, encourage, enforce — to implement Covid-19 guidelines, following a surge in cases.

Priyanka, in a statement via her representative, had earlier admitted to being in the salon, but explained that she had the ‘paperwork legally permitting her to be there’.

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Priyanka reportedly arrived at the salon with her mother, Dr. Madhu Chopra, and pet dog Diana, on Wednesday.

She went to get her hair colored for her film, Text For You, which she is currently shooting for in London.

Priyanka’s spokesperson said in a statement, “Following government guidance, Priyanka’s hair was coloured for the purpose of the film she is currently shooting in London. The salon was opened privately for the production and everyone involved had been tested and followed both the DCMS working guidelines and the film production regulations.”

As I am sure you are aware, film and TV production is permitted to continue in the UK, and locations can continue to accommodate shoots and recces (pre-filming visits) that are carried out in-line with government guidelines. The paperwork legally permitting her to be there was provided to the police, and they left satisfied,” the spokesperson said.

Source: Hindustan Times

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